Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage has its origin based on an ancient healing system from India called Ayurveda, meaning “life and longevity ” in Sanskrit.

It is an important feature in Indian society even today and is often used daily in family life.

It helps reduce physical and emotional stress, improves blood circulation, mobility in the joints and relieves pain from tight muscles.

It will give you a general sense of well being.

It is also known for reducing headaches caused by stress and tension and improves sleep patterns.

It improves your hair condition, assists in balancing hormones, clears your sinuses and helps you fight infections.

It will also increase your energy levels.

The massage includes upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and head finishing with pressure point on your face.

you do not have to undress to receive the massage but just wear a cotton top with long sleeves.

You can have a dry treatment or an oil treatment to suit your requirements.


  • ~Indian head massage treatment, up to and hour is £50
  •                                       ~ Combination of Indian head massage and Reiki, up to an hour and a half is £75
  • 2 hours is £100
  •                                                                                                  ( we start with the massage and then you can continue to relax and let go while i am channelling the Reiki                                                                                                                  energy).

Contra indications that would prevent treatment for an Indian Head Massage

Fever, history of thrombosis or embolism, contagious skin diseases, flu, chicken pox, measles, intoxication, migraine attack, recent injury, shingles, herpes.

Contra indications that would restrict your treatment for an Indian Head massage

Eczema, psoriasis, bruising, cuts, recent scar tissues, sunburn, severere muscular tension, pregnancy (after 3 months), osteoporosis, high and low blood pressure.


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