Hypnotherapy Workshops in Bath

 relaxation workshops/classes also available (max. 5 people) please get in touch for more details.

(Photo. Relaxation workshop in Bath)

In the workshop, you will learn to de-stress using breathing exercises and hypnotic techniques. In order to truly relax, you will also learn techniques to help you let go of anxiety, negative thinking, false beliefs etc..

Meditation techniques will help you get in touch with a deeper sense of self and working with visualisations will show you how to focus your mind to attract more positive results in your life.

The workshop is kept small in numbers to allow you to truly benefit from the experience.

it last for 3 hours including a break and costs £50 per person.

Please get in touch for the NEXT WORKSHOP 


please contact me for more details or if you wish to attend.

If you have a group of friends who are interested in a workshop we can decide on a date that will suit you.